Transformational Therapist

to your true nature
your space
your life
your calm

Massage, Coaching and  Decluttering for Your Health and  Well-being

Do you

  • feel overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out?
  • feel stuck, stagnant and frustrated?
  • yearn for order, space and calm in your home?
  • have no time to stop, breathe and connect with who you are?
  • crave freedom, passion and purpose in your life?

If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading

Lao Tzu

Discover the deep healing power of Transformational Touch

Create order from chaos and discover how taking control of your stuff gets you back in control of your life

Transformational Touch Therapist, Life Coach and Declutterer, my passion is helping you create the space you need for the life you want