Sophie Atkinson

Hi, I’m Sophie and my passion is to help you prioritise your own self-care so you can create the space and energy you need to create and live the life you want.

I am a fully qualified and insured Transformational Touch Therapist, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. I support people who are fed up of juggling life and who still end up at the bottom of their own (extremely long and seemingly infinite) To Do list!

I have been working with touch since 1996 when I undertook my first professional training in Reflexology. I went on to train in all sorts of different massage techniques including Swedish, Thai, Indian Head, Japanese Facial and Reiki – in fact, I became a bit of a course junkie because I was constantly looking for something that felt like it made a real difference to me and to my clients.

In 2007 I discovered the incredible work of Gerry Pyves and NO HANDS ® Massage  and I finally felt like I was working the way I had always wanted to. I spent 13 years working closely with Gerry.  As part of his trainer team I was a Lead Trainer for advanced NO HANDS courses around the UK, and as a Master Therapist I ran support and guidance sessions for individual Massage students.

I am fascinated by how our mind impacts our body and how our body reflects what we are feeling and thinking. As a UKCP registered psychotherapist Gerry Pyves first introduced me to the phenomenal work of Eric Berne as part of my Master training. Transactional Analysis now plays a huge role in how I work with all my clients. In 2016 I took this passion further and trained with the Animas Centre for Coaching in their Accredited Diploma of Transformational Coaching and I now combine a person-centred approach to coaching with deep, powerful, flowing bodywork.

In 2015 I suffered burn out and had to stop working for several months. It gave me time to re-evaluate my priorities, which was when I realised that I wasn’t one of them, and hadn’t been for some time! I also realised that if I wanted things to change it was down to me to change them. Rebuilding my health and energy in a sustainable way became my priority. I discovered that it is the small and simple changes that can really make a difference to how I experience my energy and my life.

I believe we were born to grow, expand and flow through life with ease and freedom, but it is up to us to create our own space to allow this to happen. I invite you to work with me to discover what it is you want in your life, and to provide yourself with the strength, energy and motivation to go and get it. Your life is in your hands. If you don’t take control of it, who will?

I believe in the highest standard of client care.  All of my work is non-judgemental, supportive and client-centred. Nothing happens without your consent and every step of the way you are in control.

I am now based full-time in the beautiful Herefordshire/Shropshire/Welsh borders.  I have recently moved house, so whilst I create my ideal treatment space I will be working on TUESDAYS from The Body Clinic, West Street, Leominster HR6 8EP


NHM Association Master Therapist

Animas Accredited Diploma in Coach Training

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher