Life is much simpler
with simply less stuff
Life is much simpler
with simply less stuff
  • More Space
  • More Time
  • More Energy
  • More Money
  • More You!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris

Is your home a tranquil, spacious and ordered refuge from the outside world?

Or are you overwhelmed and exhausted by the thought of the piles of stuff that greet you when you step through the door?

Do you struggle to find things on a daily basis - a pen that works; your car keys?

Are you embarrassed to invite people round because of the state of your home?

Clutter can be exhausting, chaotic and dangerous for your mental health!

 If you are here, then I’m guessing clutter is a problem for you, and it’s definitely time to do something about it to reclaim your sanity and your space.

Living Room
Decluttering isn’t about having less, it’s about having MORE…

More SPACE – getting rid of clutter immediately creates more physical space.  Obviously! You may even find you don’t need to move house or build that extension because by simply clearing out the things you no longer use, need or even like, you find you had the space you needed all along. Clutter also negatively impacts on your inner space.  It over-stimulates, distracts and slows you down and can lead to depression, low self-esteem and anxiety.

More TIME – owning less stuff means less time spent cleaning and tidying or wasted looking for a pen that works; your phone; your glasses; your car keys; a clean pair of knickers!  You know where your stuff is because your possessions all have a home. You have more time to think clearly because your brain isn’t constantly working out where something is.   Bizarrely, by limiting your choices (clothes, food, shampoo!) you create more freedom!

More ENERGY – being surrounded by clutter is overwhelming and draining. Clutter is a constant reminder that your work is not done. It robs you of mental energy leaving you feeling anxious, tired and overwhelmed.  Clutter affects your brain’s ability to concentrate and process information. Our brains love order.  In a decluttered space, your brain doesn’t have to work so hard so it’s much easier to feel calm and energised.  Your mind sharpens and your ability to focus, concentrate and complete tasks is increased. 

More MONEY – decluttering is only one side of the equation.  The other is mindful consumption!  Once you start clearing things you don’t use or need or want out of your space, you become much more mindful about what comes back in.  You start to spend less money because you are no longer buying for the same reasons.  You may even discover money during your decluttering, or items of value you can sell instead of hiding in the back of a cupboard.

More YOU – once you start to take control of your environment and begin to make conscious choices about items you want to stay or go you may find that this starts to impact on other areas of your life too.   Including yourself! Clutter frequently leads to inactivity and procrastination.  Clearing out that clutter allows your true purpose to slowly evolve as you begin to realise what it is that you do want, not just in your house, but for your life.

Decluttering is a mindful, ongoing process to discover whether what you surround yourself with makes you happy  

Clutter attracts clutter and when we have clutter and unused stuff in our lives, there isn’t enough space for what we do want.

Life is much simpler with simply less stuff.

Isn’t it time you created the space you need for the life you want?

I can help you to:
  • Declutter – whether this is a wardrobe cull and re-organisation, a kitchen cabinet re-shuffle, your garage or your entire house because you are moving or downsizing.  I am there to support and advise you so you can let go of what you no longer need and create the space that serves you best
  • Home Staging – preparing your house for sale so it is presented at its best and commands the highest price
  • Re-discover and enjoy the space you live in –You may be surprised how much room you actually have once you’ve got rid of your clutter!
  • Kick start your life-long journey of loving living with less and become a conscious consumer
What I don’t do is:
  • Come in and clean your house! Decluttering is about getting rid of clutter, cleaning will come into the process, but this is not the primary purpose
  • Make you get rid of anything you don’t want to. All the decisions are down to you. I simply support you in letting go.  Ultimately you are in control of this process. We go as fast or as slow as you direct
  • Dispose of your items. I will help you organize your disposal so as much of your clutter as possible is recycled, but it will be up to you to get rid of any charity bags, recycling or rubbish from your decluttering (this is very cathartic in itself).
  • Judge you or the state of your home. I am there to support you make a change.  I am not there to pass judgement on how you live.  I care about what you want to do about your stuff NOW, not what you have done with it in the past



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