Deep and powerful touch
can change your life
Deep and powerful touch
can change your life
  • Free your spirit
  • Nurture your soul
  • Ignite your passion
  • Replenish your energy
  • Embody your life

“Everything you need to know is within you.
Trust the body’s wisdom.”

Dan Millman

Transform with Touch offers you a powerful combination of Massage and Coaching designed to empower you to
reclaim your energy, move into health and vitality and find connection with your truest self.

Transformational Touch Therapy gives you space to pause, to breathe, to move and to be connected with your truth.  It takes the powerful and ancient healing art of Massage to a whole new level.

This is not massage that is ‘done’ to you to ‘fix’ a physical problem.  Together we create movement and freedom in your body, heart and mind so that you can re-connect and grow your sense of self and find your own true expression.  In the tradition of artisanal Slow Food, this is the ultimate “slow massage” – a massage that honours you and your story.

Sometimes your massage may be deep and fast, sometimes almost still and silent. There is nothing formulaic or routine about your massage. Every session is different.  Every session is unique.  Every session is guided by you and interpreted by me. I respond to what you bring to the session and where you want to go. Nothing happens without your consent and you are in control every step of the way.

Back Massage
Neck Massage

Your coaching time is a collaborative, encouraging and supportive conversation that allows you to explore your health and wellbeing and see where you can make positive changes.

Throughout your coaching sessions you will get the opportunity to look at what really governs your thought processes, and why you may be holding back from doing what you know you want to do!  You will explore your self-talk (your inner critic) and learn how you can use it to your advantage instead of constant criticism.

My role in all this is simply to help you unleash your potential and help you stay focused on your goals.  I will not judge you or tell you what to do.  I am there to support and cheerlead and (metaphorically) walk alongside you as you navigate your own path.


Your coaching sessions will help you to identify and explore some of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be keeping you from living the way you really want. With this awareness you can then start to make the kind of changes that bring in more of what you do want, and let go of what you don’t (a kind of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual decluttering).

With the depth and power of Massage, you are able to let go of any old emotional and psychological ‘stuff’ you no longer need and create space and energy to embody your new thoughts and feelings. The Touch literally anchors these changes into your cells, powerfully combining Intention with Action.

Leg Massage

It is rare that you achieve anything worthwhile with just one session! You don’t get fit by going for just one run; you don’t lose weight by dieting for one day.  Significant change requires consistent effort.   Whilst I do offer one-off sessions, massage and coaching have a cumulative effect, which means the more you have, the better it gets!

Healing takes time, effort, repetition and a LOT of support

As such I offer PROGRAMMES comprising 8 sessions over 3 months which combine the power of Massage with Coaching and/or Yoga.  You are of course welcome to choose to have the occasional one-off session, but each of my programmes is designed to achieve the maximum results for the best financial value.

A single session of either
massage or coaching (90 mins)

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8 sessions over 3 months