A combination of 8 sessions over 3 months
Deep, Powerful Massage with Wellbeing Coaching and/or 1-1 Yoga
The coaching can be done face-to-face or online / phone

Real and lasting change is only achieved gradually,
over time, with support and through repetition

Gerry Pyves


Rest & Restore

Designed for people experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion & burn out

Do you wake up exhausted with a feeling of dread at the amount of ‘stuff’ competing for your attention?

Do you feel constantly snappy, irritated or on the verge of tears?

Are you struggling to make everyday decisions, get easily confused and distracted and find yourself busy all the time, yet not actually getting anything done?

All of these are signs that your energy is completely drained, and your basic self-care needs are not being met. It’s time to STOP and replenish your energy, before burn out becomes serious illness.

The gentle NOURISH programme focuses on bringing your fragile and depleted energy levels back into balance, so that you can take back control of your own life.  You will focus on creating a sustainable self-care regime that enables you to identify and reduce your stresses, set your boundaries and reclaim your natural energy.

NOURISH’s combination of gentle and nurturing Massage with simple, effective Coaching techniques will gradually help you rebuild and re-charge your energy to return you to a place of equilibrium.

This 3 month programme empowers you to take back your health and step out of the overwhelm cycle.


Revitalise Your Health

Designed for people who want to feel refreshed, vibrant & more alive

Sometimes even though your energy levels are good, you can’t seem to motivate yourself to actually get going and do something.

Does the lure of Netflix and a cheeky packet of biscuits win out over the evening exercise class you know you really should get to? 

Are you feeling frustrated with life and generally a bit stuck and a bit stagnant?

Are you lacking motivation and feel like your ‘get up and go’ has done just that?

If you are looking to recapture your zesty mojo and get back to a place of vibrant health, then the VITALITY programme is for you.  VITALITY offers you a safe, holistic detoxing programme to re-energise and invigorate your health.  You will focus on creating a simple, sustainable health regime that inspires, motivates and revitalizes you.

VITALITY’s robust and rigorous Massage and Coaching will help get you moving, feeling great in your body and bring back the vibrancy and energy in your life.

This is also the ideal time to also include some Decluttering in your life and bring the detox into your home! Freshen up and wake up your life and home with VITALITY.

This 3 month programme empowers you to take back control of your health (possibly your house!) and reawaken the joy in your life.


Dive Deep for Self Awareness,
Growth & Purpose

Designed for those who know there is more to life, and that the answer lies within

Do you wonder about your purpose?

Are you on a spiritual journey, looking for a way in which you can live your life more powerfully and authentically?

Are you looking for an opportunity for greater self-awareness, emotional connection and personal growth?

The TRANSFORM programme is for people who want to turn their attention inward and connect to their true self in the safe space that Massage and Coaching can offer.

TRANSFORM uses the alignment of your mind with the simple power of touch, to support the significant changes you wish to make in your life. True transformation comes from within.

We will look at your life values; discover what lights you up and how you can live more intentionally with purpose and passion.

This 3 months programme empowers you to take control of your life to live powerfully and authentically.