CLASS SCHEDULE June - July 2024

All classes are in-person and run on a 6 weekly cycle with one week off
Per Term - 1 hour classes cost £42 per term / 75 mins cost £48 per term (Drop-In at £12 per class)

STRETCH & SHINE 9.15am - 10.30am  /  MINDFUL MOVEMENT (Chair Class) 10.45am - 11.45am

MINDFUL MOVEMENT (mat class) 1st class @ 9.30am - 10.45am  / 2nd class @ 11am - 12.15 am

FRIDAYS  7 June - 12 July 2024 (no class 21 June) @ BODENHAM VILLAGE HALL, HR1 3LJ
MINDFUL MOVEMENT (Chair Class) 9.00am - 10am 

You are welcome to join at any point during the 6 weeks but spaces are limited so booking essential, please contact me before attending 

This fun and gentle slow-paced class is mainly chair-based with some standing and strengthening exercise.  We start seated and move through a series of stretches to warm and open the body, before moving into some stronger standing based work to strengthen the body and gently challenge balance.  Suitable for those with limited mobility and joint issues.

A more dynamic class where we breathe, stretch, balance and flow. We move through a gentle, floor based warm up and move into a stronger more dynamic series of flowing standing postures. Suitable or those who are quite flexible; able to kneel; and get up and down from the floor with relative ease.

An evening class to unwind and soften into nourishing rest.  This class combines gentle floor based stretches with stronger, longer held postures, supported by blankets and cushions to encourage deep relaxation and letting go.  A slow, meditative floor based practice.



"A class with a heart"  

I began with a certain amount of apprehension.  Was the atmosphere going to be intense, never mind the movement!?  However here I am a year later, part of a lovely friendly group of ladies.  Sophie is a sympathetic teacher with warmth and a sense of humour. This makes the class accessible to everyone.  She explains why and how we can move our bodies. It is fun, it can be challenging, but there is always a way!! Finally time to relax and be quiet.  I am completely sold.  I look forward Friday morning.  I enjoy the companionship, the exercise and the sense of wellbeing.  Thank you Sophie.  Gill R

Sophie makes quietening the mind, stretching the body and relaxing, FUN!   Linda J

I really enjoy Sophie's class of full body gentle stretching, relaxation and mindfulness.  The class is gentle (not aerobic) exercise targeting different parts of the body throughout the block of the six week sessions and allows you to become relaxed, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead and I would thoroughly recommend it.  Heather D

It's difficult to write all the benefits of one hour on a Friday morning.  It certainly gets all the "bits" one doesn't usually use, moving!  It encourages the dwindling concentration and makes one think about oneself for a change!  Each week the classes are different.  Janet J

I do feel I benefit from the hour on Fridays, spent with a friendly group in a relaxed atmosphere, while at the same time helping myself to stay as supple and as mobile as I can be.  Avril M

Sophie’s Mindful Movement classes focus on exercises which explore how our bodies move in a deliberate and thoughtful way – excellent for not only improving physical strength and mobility but also for relaxing the mind. Sophie combines a gentle manner with an infectious sense of humour, injecting her classes with an element of fun. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone wishing to improve both their physical fitness and also their general sense of wellbeing.  Maggie D

If you would like to talk about setting up a regular class in your local village hall; an online class for your workplace; booking an individual session or organising a private group event please CONTACT ME and we can discuss how to best accommodate what you need.