There is a light within you
that lights the whole universe
  • Breathe deeply
  • Engage your body
  • Be still
  • Live your life
  • Find your peace

“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self"

The Bhagavad Gita

I have been practising yoga for over 25 years and during that time have studied with many different teachers in many different styles.   Yoga practice is not just a way to help me be physically more healthy  strong and flexible, it also helps soothe my emotions, build my resilience to stress and quieten the mental tyranny of endless overthinking.
As I my move into my menopausal years, my practice has become gentler, quieter, slower and more introspective.  I am less interested in how my body looks externally as I move and make shapes as to how I feel as I move and breathe .  Equally inspired by my Massage training as by my yoga teachers, the mantra Breathe, Feel and Release enables me to use my practice as a way of letting go of unnecessary tension and tightness, allowing my body to flow in a way that feels natural and easeful and links my breath to my movements.  This is turn, helps re-set my nervous system shifting it away from the trauma of living on red alert or 'Fight or Flight' sympathetic dominance to the quieter, more healing 'Rest and Digest' parasympathetic dominance.  From this place I can pause, take stock and consider my options, allowing me the space to respond rather than simply and mindlessly react.
I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of yoga to discover how it can benefit you.  There are myriad ways of experiencing the physical practice of yoga.  Some of my favourite 'styles' are explained below, and most of my classes will involve a combination of these.

Certified Training:
Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 hours training with Yoga Union Bali (2019) Accredited Restorative Yoga training with Anna Ashby @ Triyoga (2019) Accredited Yin Yoga training with Norman Blair (2016) and Sarah Lo (2019)
Additional Training:
The Energetics of Sequencing with Rod Stryker online (2020) Somatics for Yoga Teachers and Somatics for Healing & Recovery with Charlotte Watts (2021)

Living Room

Stretch & Shine eases you into your day with gentle mindful movements to open and stretch your body and focus your mind on your breath.  We usually start the class seated or lying down and move through a series of slow, mindful movements initiated by breath to warm and open the body.  We then move to standing to some more balance challenging poses to strengthen and improve balance.  We usually finish by moving back to the floor for some final stretching and relaxation.   This class creates space to breathe, to connect and to move as we learn how to move gracefully and mindfully through the challenges and obstacles that happen away from the mat.  This class would suit those looking to mindfully stretch and open their bodies and who are able to transition easily from standing to lying down. 


Seasonal Yin Yoga - Stretch & Hold:  Yin yoga is the perfect complement to our overly stimulated, hyper busy, 'yang’ lives.  It is a slow and deep, meditative style of yoga, practiced mainly on the floor.  In a Yin class the focus is not on working the muscles but the deeper tissues - the joints; the fascia; the ligaments.  The poses are long held (anything between 3 - 7 minutes), creating gentle tension that slowly stretches connective tissue.  Working with the energy of the current season, we invigorate the meridians and energy centres of the body, increase mobility and flexibility to help cultivate a deep sense of inner awareness.  Yin is simple but challenging.  By providing long periods of stillness and quiet we are able to start to listen and pay attention to ourselves.  This class would suit those looking for stillness and increased flexibility.  My practice is inspired by the teachings of Sarah Powers, Norman Blair, Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley.

Please note there is currently no class running, but do get in touch if this is something you would be interested in attending.    



Restorative Yoga is a practice of consciously turning your attention inwards to slow down the breath and quieten body and mind.  This practice is very gentle and suitable for beginners, those new to yoga or recovering from an illness.  Restorative yoga uses passively held poses supported by blankets and cushions to allow the body and mind to release unnecessary tension.  It presents an opportunity to nurture yourself and create space to get connected to your inner stillness. The focus is on slowing down, softening and letting go through meditation, gentle movement, breath work and supported poses.  My practice is inspired by the teachings of Judith Hanson Lasater.                 



  • Previous experience of yoga not essential but a certain level of general fitness required
  • Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in
  • Tell me in advance of any injuries, medical conditions or concerns which may impact your practice
  • Avoid heavy meals 2/3 hours before practice
  • Take responsibility for and listen to your own body: yoga is about accepting where you are, not forcing yourself into somewhere you think you should be
  • Arrive promptly for your class to allow yourself time to settle in